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A 1 message consult gives you...

A video review from Jeff within two days of investment, wherein you receive:

  • Critical analysis of one email subject line & message you send.
  • Bullet points on strengths & weaknesses of your message (provided tough love style).
  • Specific recommendations to strengthen your current writing approach.
  • The chance to critique your coach's suggestions via email -- making sure you receive the most value.

And 30 days access to Bronze Spark Selling Academy.

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This email review & recommendations investment is your first step toward provoking more conversations with potential customers.

Jeff will give you "tough love" because you deserve it. He will show you a better way to earn attention, provoke response and set appointments when conducting ANY form of cold outreach to prospects. This includes (but is not limited to) LinkedIn InMail, voicemail and email.

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Jeff Molander
Founder & Conversation Enablement Coach

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