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An assessment gives you...

A tough love critique

We don't hold back. You can take it!

We will reveal why outreach messages are underperforming.

Stronger outreach technique

You'll dump 'hacks' and start practicing an effective communication method.

We will start sparking buyers' curiosity.

Curiosity-based provocations

Jeff will personally strengthen your messages—so you can provoke  discussions with buyers.

Reliably. Consistently. At scale, yet personal.

Science or Spam?

The most neglected sales prospecting skill is the most valuable one -- communication. Not sparking customers' curiosity? You're spamming. Period.

HOW you approach buyers is all that matters. Yet communication technique is often left for you to figure out. Google'ing hacks, templates results in failure.

We're studying the most effective subject lines, outreach techniques and formulas—so you don’t have to.


The Email Doctor is in

Jeff is on a mission to transform how you communicate with customers. He is addicted to understanding what makes people want to start conversations with strangers. When he's not working you'll find him hiking, fishing and with his family.

He is an authority on current, effective Conversation Enablement strategies and founder of Communications Edge Inc. in 1997. He is a coach, father and creator of the Spark Sellingtm communication methodology—an unusually effective way to start and advance conversations with customers.

In 1999, Jeff co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc. where he helped secure 2 rounds of funding and built the sales team. He's been selling for over 2 decades.

Jeff was first to offer a practical book for small businesses to sell using social media. He published, 
Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You in 2011.

What causes engagement has changed.

So must your outreach strategy.

What worked before:
- proving you know about customers' business challenges;
- appearing credible, trustworthy;
- sharing quality content, value (making deposits) or education.

What works now: The scent of value. Sparking curiosity.

Customers engage when they sense you may be worthwhile.

This is why 98% of sellers aren't earning conversations. They don’t know how to spark curiosity. Consistently.

Our members speak.

Justin Cromer

Dir. of Sales, Event Management Solutions Group

At first I was skeptical...

At first I was skeptical about the Academy. But collaborating with like minded professionals is always going to be a better way to get conversations started with customers.

The difference between the Academy and other sales training options is community.

Jeff Castle

Bus. Dev. Lead, Ambipar Response

It was painful. I was "that guy..."

... (which I didn’t want to be) in everyone’s inbox. Because my old messages generated (small) results I stuck by them -- like some kind of kids blanket I couldn't let go of. Even though I knew it was filthy, full of holes and fit for the trash... and screamed desperation.

Jeff and the community's tough love were enough to make me change. Once the results came I realized -- I would no longer be “that guy” and neither would my team!

Six months ago I opened conversation with a prospect using a classic Spark technique. Today that prospect is a client. They signed a large, three year framework agreement. This is my biggest win to date.

Skip Freeman

Team Lead, BASIS

I didn't want to pay for this advice.

I thought 'who are these guys and are they legitimate?' I followed for about a year, then began to see our prospects' behavior was changing--and fast. I still hesitated. Because I still didn’t want to pay for advice I was getting free via LinkedIn posts, blogs.

But then I invested, joined a workshop... and saw how to transform messages right before my eyes... short, snappy, focused, hard-hitting emails. Today my team is better at prospecting because they are believing in the idea of provocation. I'm glad to continue investing in your membership.

Lucy Merrick

Account Executive, MODULR

Doubled my response rate...

I’ve doubled my response rate thanks to your coaching. I would say it’s at 80% now. I’m adjusting to talk less about us and more about the customer… especially focusing on what their competitors are doing with us. I think this is a bit more conversational and less salesy. I never ask for a meeting straight away and this is also helping.

Pull with curiosity

Reveal message flaws, update outreach messages to engage.

Best for diagnosing & treating one email

Kick our tires. See what makes Spark Selling work. You supply one outreach message, we strengthen it.

  • Discover strengths & weaknesses of your message.
  • Critique your coach's suggestions -- making sure you receive the most value.
  • Unused investment can be pro-rated against a Silver or Gold account if you decide to upgrade.
  • Critical analysis of one email subject line & message you send.
  • Specific recommendations to strengthen your current writing approach.
  • Includes 90 days of Spark Selling Academy membership at Bronze level. This ensures you grasp curiosity-driven Spark Selling basics.
Most popular

Best for rapid transformation.

For sales reps, business owners and/or marketers needing to start & advance conversations by provoking curiosity.

  • Meet online with a coach who owns your challenge -- 100%.
  • Take away a customized outreach strategy and tactics you can apply right away.
  • Includes Gold Spark Selling Academy membership to help rapidly draft initial messages.
  • Usually lasts 2-3 weeks depending on your commitment.

Best for teams

Challenge your team to engage prospects & leads with curiosity.

  • Customized to your challenges.
  • 2-3 Month commitment ensures transformation.
  • Jeff co-owns your challenge.
  • On location or online.
  • Begin applying a customized, curiosity-focused outreach strategy during the engagement.

Starting at...




A Personal Note

There's this idea... that a piece of advice is a formula to create or unlock something. While it may 'work' for the person giving the advice, the circumstances and variables making it possible are highly subjective -- making repeatability improbable.

Books. LinkedIn posts. Google searches and blogs. We're thirsty for better ways. But what if, instead of valuing "this worked for me -- it'll work for you too," you tried something different?

Consider seeking inspiration, principles and a unique philosophy. Use these to set goals, choose a strategy and execute tactics.

This isn't a popular way forward. Because it leaves the creativity and work to you -- and makes you responsible for the results and effects.

Most will choose a fix or a hack, a ritual to perform, a metric to compete for and an easy excuse. 

With or without our help you'll make the best choice. But why work alone?

Let's transform how you communicate with customers. Our members are good at starting, and forwarding, conversations. They're always getting better. Because they evolve the practice.

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Curiosity changes everything. Prove it to yourself.