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We reinvented ourselves. "

At first I was skeptical. I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You are the first to grasp my business and target buyer. My team is applying Spark Selling across all areas of customer interaction. Results have been tremendous as we call on Fortune 500 call center executives.


sales communication skills training

Mark Sneider

Founder/Presisdent, RSW/US


Jeff, you were the first willing to invest time... understand our business and engage with my team prior to the live keynote & workshop.

It made our time together highly productive. Your approach is unorthodox, but has already proven to deliver meetings for us.

sales communication skills training

Brynne Tillman

CEO, SOcial sales Link


As my company launches a new offering, we found ourselves stuck for email copy. We knew we had to stand out & create curiosity to get hands raised.

We didn’t want someone to just hand us the fish, but teach us how to fish. Thanks to the Spark principles we know our nets will be filled on a consistent basis.