Transform how you communicate

Practice engaging customers using curiosity


Spark Selling

Spark Selling™ is a set of flexible communication principles wherein words are designed to spark curiosity in customers. It is an unconventional, enjoyable way to start, re-start and advance conversations.

We practice a skillset. We don't sell a 'program.'

Applied across email, telephone, social media, voicemail and client meetings, we are a practice group dedicated to evolving success principles across 44 countries & business cultures.

Curiosity. It brings the joy back to sales outreach.

Online Academy

Need to earn attention and start a conversation? Spark Selling™ can help. We serve recruiters, sales reps, marketers, small business owners and financial advisors.

Dislike the messages you're currently sending? Feeling too pushy? Feel like there should be another way to start a conversation? There is. Avoid pushing for meetings. Instead, pull with curiosity.

Our practice community gives insight on "what's working" to provoke and engage clients. Access practical know-how and start sparking curiosity in the Spark Selling™ Academy.

Personal Coaching

Jeff Molander takes ownership of your challenge, suggests the best possible tactics and mentors you personally -- insuring you successfully transform.

You'll get immediate critiques & recommendations to strengthen communication tactics in all contexts; cold and warm outreach, phone/voicemail, LinkedIn, email, etc. This includes situational help with live leads you are pursuing.

Take away a customized outreach strategy and tactics you can apply immediately.

Team Transformation

C-level, MD, senior executives or owners will engage. But only if you have confidence, skills and get them curious.

Teams must pull, attract conversations rather than beg for meetings.

Let your team reinvent how they start & advance conversations via email, LinkedIn, phone and voicemail messages.

Practice, not a program

We don't have the answers. We have the process to get the answers. Our members commit for months or years. Being exceptional demands practice—not hacks.

A Community

We are a community-based, skill-focused practice -- not a static sales training program.

Practice with us

Come. Tap into the evolving, collective experiences of the pride. We are all life long learners and teachers.

Trusted by:

Trusted by:

Transforming communicators

Transforming people

My newest version of the email sequence with a new subject line is working well. So far, 5 positive responses and booked 3 meetings this week. This is huge for me. I’m sure many in the community are getting better response rates. But for me, this is a breakthrough. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your wisdom.

Jayne Burch

Chief Growth Strategist - Marketing Monsoon

At first I was skeptical. I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You are the first to grasp my business and target buyer. My team is applying Spark Selling across all areas of customer interaction. Results have been tremendous as we call on Fortune 500 call center executives.

Nick Jiwa


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